Monday, September 16, 2002

This is a dream I had recently. I dream lucidly and in vibrant color... not sure what that means in the scheme of things. Anyway...

I was standing on the top of the highest mountain I've ever seen. My "guide" was with me. He showed me that I could see almost all of Earth from our vantage point. He leaned down and scooped up a rock, a flower, an insect and dewdrops, then packed all of these things into a tight ball of matter. Then, he pitched the ball hard and fast into the sky. He turned to me and smiled, "Watch." I saw the little wad of mud zip into the atmosphere, going away from me. My guide turned me around and pointed to the horizon. "Watch." The ball came into view, but it had changed into molecules now. It flew past us at an amazing rate of speed, then came around again. This time it was smaller, and I could see the atoms that comprised what had been rock, flower, insect and dew. My guide smiled warmly at me, and again, "Watch..." as he pointed to the ball of atoms. It stopped above our heads, then began to emit the most powerfully bright and warm white light from its core. Suddenly, it shot out into space, trailing light back to us at our vantage point.

I looked to my guide, asking what this meant. He explained that the demonstration was to show that we are all made of the same thing, the same atoms, the same energies. All of us, humans, earth, creatures, plants. This is all we have, and we are all the same in the beginning and in the end.

I woke feeling higher than ever that morning. The dream changed my life.